Limb length disparity (LLD) is an observable body imbalance and physical deviation that manifests itself in a structurally and/or functionally different limb length, and more than likely has been created due to congenital, hereditary, injuries, environmental, muscular and/or spinal problems (Esco Buff, PhD, CF, 1999).

How Can Limb Length Disparity Affect My Horse?

Long term imbalances will not only contribute to chronic pain, but lead to problems causing postural changes in the body from the neck to the back and down the limbs to the foot. Long term problems can result in the following:

· Palmer heel pain
· Navicular syndrome
· Hock and stifle issues on one limb
· Bowed tendons on one limb
· Suspensory strains in one limb
· Pain in the back, hips and knee problems

Signs That My Horse May Have Limb Length Disparity

· Mismatched feet
. One more clubby than the other
· Different heel heights and angles, crushed or under run heels
· Scapula height differences
· Chestnut and knee height differences
· Hip hiking on one side

· Difference in hoof beat cadence at the walk
· Horse having difficulty taking the lead to one side
· Gait problems
· Saddle slipping to one side
· Unexplained behavioral issues

Richard’s Holistic Equine Service utilizes a Whole Horse approach to lameness problem solving. We are interested in determining why the lameness is occurring and addressing the insult not just the symptoms. Contact us today to schedule your Evaluation and Consultation. We look forward to the opportunity to bring your horse back to Soundness.


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