It is wise to treat and shoe the laminitic and foundered horse with the principles, techniques and tools that will provide the highest chance of success.  These principles and
techniques should be based on the
understanding of the foot’s biomechanics and circulatory system.

What is Laminitis and Founder?

Laminitis is a reduction of blood flow to the laminae secondary to inflammation.  If the blood supply is interrupted for only a short time, little to no permanent damage results.
The more severe and longer the reduction in blood supply, the greater the chances of irreversible damage.  Once the reduction of blood supply caused failure in the laminae between the distal phalanx (coffin bone) and hoof capsule, the animal is considered foundered.

Simply put, laminitis is inflammation inside the hoof capsule. There are many triggers which can cause laminitis. These should be discussed with your vet. And climate a shin causes a reduction of blood flow to the laminae which will lead to a Detachment of the coffin bone and the hoof capsule. This Detachment will result in a Descent of the coffin bone through the sole (founder)

Richard works in collaboration with your veterinarian. With properly taken radiographs by your vet, we will chart the x-rays using Esco Buff’s Data Collection and Analysis form. The goal of shoeing is to mechanically support the bony column and prevent the descent of the distal phalanx (coffin bone).


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