An EquiPulse Hoof Pro Treatment delivers rapid relief, increases blood flow and accelerates healing from the following conditions:
  • abscesses,
  • sole bruising
  • navicular conditions
  • laminitis
  • thrush.
  • ring bone
  • pedal osteitis
  • heel corns
The Mag Disc uniquely focuses a powerful pulsed electro-magnetic field to deliver precise and deep penetration into the frog.  The design of the Mag Disc which can be inserted into 3 different sized bindings allows it to fit all hoof sizes.  It can be secured directly to the hoof providing delivery of the therapy regardless of whether or not the horse moves the hoof during treatment.
EquiPulse Hoof Pro Kit - $1250.00 MSRPHoof Pro Binding attached

Results that speak for themselves:

There is a significant increase in the thermal temperature throughout the sole of the hoof and the frog, indicating increased blood flow in the entire hoof cavity.
Digital Thermography images courtesy of Del Mar IR Equine Imaging

Equine / Frog Anatomy

The Yellow Circle indicates the targeted area of the Hoof

Direction of PEMF Energy Flow

After the hoof is set into the Hoof Pro, the inserted Mag Disc sends a powerful PEMF signal directly into targeted area.

Before the Hoof Pro Treatment

See interior area of Hoof floor not covered by metal shoe.
Blue indicates nominal blood flow – Reading is below 85 Degrees.

15 Seconds after a 12 minute Hoof Pro Treatment

Red and Yellow in targeted area identify increases in blood flow. Temperature on interior of Hoof in upper 90’s
White area around metal shoe indicates additional heat generated by metal warming up.

Post 5 minutes after 12 minute Hoof Pro Treatment

As expected a drop in temperature on interior of Hoof floor.
Metal shoe starts cooling off.

15 minutes Post 12 minute Hoof Pro Treatment

Further decrease of temperature on interior of Hoof Floor. However, we see indications of a higher level of blood flow, compared to the “Before Image” at center of Frog.
Most heat in metal shoe almost completely dissipated.
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