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Learn how Richard can help with Laminitis/Founder, Limb Length Disparity, Unexplained Lameness, Cold Laser Therapy and Body Alignments.

Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Technology

PEMF might seem like a new technology in North America, but it has been safely used throughout Europe and other countries for more than 50 years. Thousands of studies have proven the benefits of PEMF and it is a widely used therapy for multiple conditions, improved health and enhanced performance of people and animals around the world..

How Can Limb Length Disparity Affect My Horse?

Long term imbalances will not only contribute to chronic pain, but lead to problems causing postural changes in the body from the neck to the back and down the limbs to the foot.

What is Laminitis?

Laminitis is a painful inflammatory condition of the tissues (laminae) that bond the hoof wall to the pedal (coffin) bone in the horses hoof. It can affect any horse, of any age or sex, at any time of the year.

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